Wedding Buttonholes

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A buttonhole is a stylish way to complete the wedding attire for the men in the bridal party. Buttonholes are worn by the groom, the best man, fathers of the bride and groom and ushers but it’s nice, budget permitting, to include your readers and close male family members such as brothers and grandfathers by providing them with a buttonhole helping to make them feel a special part of the day too.

The buttonholes generally reflect the overall style and theme of the wedding flowers either by taking a lead from the colours of the flowers or perhaps focusing on a flower type in the brides’ bouquet.

Wedding buttonhole design has come a long way since the days of single white carnation; buttonhole flower style ideas include a single bloom, double bloom or tiny posy of flowers with foliage, ribbon, berries or even decorative wire and beading.

Popular Flowers for Wedding Buttonholes

Roses and carnations are classic flower choices or for a contemporary look buttonhole we like Calla Lily, Narcissus and orchids. Freesia or lily of the valley would be a fragrant addition or perhaps tulips or hyacinth buds for a spring wedding. It’s usual to coordinate buttonholes and bouquets either through use of a key focal flower such as a rose or calla lily or take inspiration from the bouquet or wedding flowers colour. Avoid fragile blooms as a buttonhole has to withstand a lot of hugging! Flowers that will last well include roses, carnations, eryngium, brunia and craspedia

Traditionally it was the responsibility of the groom to arrange for the buttonholes but it’s more likely these days for the buttonholes to be added in with the overall wedding flowers order. Make sure your florist knows where the buttonholes are to be delivered to if different from the bridal flowers.

Ideally make someone responsible for receiving the buttonholes on the day – it’s a good idea that they also have plenty of pins just in case! They can ensure that everyone who is meant to have a buttonhole receives them, let your florist know who’s going to be responsible for handing the buttonholes out.

Where to Wear a Wedding Buttonhole

Smart wedding buttonhole with calla lily

Smart wedding buttonhole with calla lily

Buttonholes are worn on the left lapel, being pinned across the actual buttonhole itself rather than being pushed through it.

Generally the pin will secured from inside the lapel so that it can’t be seen from the front but if you have a decorative pin you may wish to pin from the front instead. Don’t forget to ask your florist for extra pins just in case!

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