Wedding Flowers for Church

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It can be a little daunting to contemplate decorating your church with flowers for your wedding but don’t worry you’re not on your own!

Planning Your Wedding Flowers for Church

Floral displays are an important part of everyday church life so your vicar will be the first person you should speak with as they’ll be able to advise you on who usually arranges wedding flowers for the church.

Many churches have volunteers who will regularly decorate the church for ceremonies and festivities or perhaps a recommended local florist who will be familiar with decorating your church. They’ll be able to help you with advice on organising wedding flowers such as where to position your arrangements and decorations so they don’t stand in the way of proceedings and where to spend your floral budget for the biggest impact.

Whilst you will be able to select your own florist if you prefer you’ll need to consider floral arrangements that are already in place for other events or decorations for other weddings that may be held on the same day as your own wedding. Have an informal chat about your thoughts and ideas with your vicar or the church floral arrangers at an early stage of planning to find out what’s best for your church and chosen date.

Making an Impact

Unless you have an unlimited budget for flowers you’ll probably want to focus on areas where your flowers will have the most impact. The front of the church is going to be centre of attention and this is a good place to concentrate your floral budget.

In larger churches where the congregation will often be seated a long way from the front of the church your arrangements will need to be bigger than you may think otherwise they may be not be seen. To create large arrangements without blowing the budget consider using less expensive long lasting flowers such as carnations and gerbera in your chosen colour scheme with plenty of seasonal foliage. You can then add fewer of the more expensive flowers from your main flower theme such as roses and calla lily. Mixing in white flowers is a really good idea particularly for less well lit churches as they help to make the arrangements stand out.

Where to Decorate

Lychgate : This is the gateway covered with a roof found at the entrance to a traditional churchyard. This gives a very romantic, traditional entrance for your guests – seasonal locally sourced foliage is often used with flowers and berries to create the look.

Entrance : Set the tone for your wedding guests by decorating the entrance to the church with flowers. You can also rest your eyes on your entrance flowers for a few moments whilst waiting for your music to begin!

Pewends : These create a lovely effect lining the aisle, often created with ribbon, foliage and flowers they don’t need to be on every pew end if budget doesn’t permit. They could be added on every other pew or on focus on the front few rows.

Pedestals : Free standing pedestals can be placed where they are likely to make the most impact.

Other options for decorating the church with flowers are window Ledges, Registrar/Ceremony Table, Font, Lectern, Columns, Altar, Chancel and Pulpit

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