Wedding Flowers on a Budget

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If you are planning your wedding flowers on a budget don’t be disheartened! A limited budget is not necessarily a bad thing as we’ve found that thinking creatively with the support of your florist will stimulate some amazing ideas and designs – which means that you get unique, simply stunning wedding flowers and at a price you can afford to pay. Once you have a rough idea on your wedding flowers budget follow our simple plan to keep your wedding flower prices down.

1. Work your Wedding Florist!!

A good florist will be full of creative ways to keep your wedding flowers costs within budget but you have got to be honest with them about your budget from the beginning so that they can suggest practical and stylish solutions. They can give you advice such as where to place flowers for maximum effect and what types of flowers are in season and good value. They can also recommend alternative varieties of a similar appearance when the flowers that you have chosen are too expensive for your budget.

2. Work your wedding flowers budget!!

Many couples choose to double up on the uses of their wedding flowers. If your ceremony is at a different venue to the reception you can consider transferring the larger pedestal or free standing arrangements . Bridesmaids bouquets could be used as table decorations at the reception – church flowers could be used as arrangements on the buffet table. Make sure that there is someone responsible for transporting the arrangements safely and don’t forget to check with your church if they require you to leave any flowers.

Sometimes where other weddings are taking place at your chosen venues it may be possible to share the costs with other couples.

3. Keeping it simple

It’s easy to overlook the cost of the florists time when choosing flowers for a wedding - for example an intricate wired bridal bouquet with beading and jewels takes up a lot of time when compared to a traditional hand tied arrangement. You don’t have to compromise on style though – consider options such as carrying a simple contemporary wedding bouquet using a few stems of a stunning structured flower variety such as Calla lilies, orchids or tulips accessorised with a beautiful ribbon. Look at wedding bouquet ideas for pictures and designs. Using lots of foliage instead of flowers is a good way to keep your wedding flowers on a budget and they can look fantastic too!

4. Avoid holidays and consider dates carefully

No we’re not asking you to forgo the honeymoon! The cost of flowers fluctuates through the year not only due to what’s in season but also during peak periods such as Valentines Day and Mothers Day where the cost of some flowers such as roses can be very high – your florist may also not have as much dedicated time during these periods. Utilizing flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding can significantly reduce the overall cost.

5. Size matters

Think about scale and impact – if you are considering ideas for wedding centerpieces on a budget it’s easy to assume that a large arrangement is going to be expensive but it can be the little touches that add up. Adding a single pink orchid to each table setting to co-ordinate with your table linen will look stunning and elegant but will the effect be lost when guests arrive and the meal is served ? – a dramatic wedding table centerpiece utilising beautiful foliage and elegant blooms for can be more cost effective and be equally as stylish.

6. Wedding Flowers on a Budget – The numbers game

Anything goes these days so you don’t have to follow traditions – remember it’s not necessary to add to splash out on flowers for everyone or add arrangements to every table, window ledge and pew end! Even if you are working on a tight budget most good florists will be able to create beautiful flowers by using seasonal flowers simply styled.

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